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Happiness Basics

Who should attend?​

Adults 18 years or older who want to be happier, whether they are depressed, languishing or flourishing. You do not need a diagnosis to take this program.

NOTE:  This Program is not Therapy or Counselling.  If you are experiencing moderate to severe depression, moderate to severe anxiety, or a recent bereavement, this program may not be appropriate for you at this time.   We can help though, and invite you to contact the Health Home Office (info below) nearest to you so we can assess your individual needs and plan services to meet those needs.

Program Format:

· One-hour introduction class

· 7 weeks: 2-hour group sessions

How do you get in to the program?

· Referral from your Aspen PCN family physician; or

· Self-referral – contact a member of our Aspen PCN Allied Health Staff.

· If you are already seeing an Aspen PCN Nurse, Behavioral Health Practitioner, or Exercise Specialist, you can ask them about a referral.

Your commitment:

· To attend, as far as possible, each week for 2 hours per week.

· Weekly homework provides you the opportunity to practice the skills and take control of your personal state of happiness.

· Because this program is not therapy or counseling, there is no expectation for you to share and talk about your past.

· Maintain the confidentiality of co-participants.

Where is the Program located?

· Aspen Primary Care Network Health Home 

WESTLOCK: 10004 – 107 Street, Westlock, AB.    Phone: 780-349-4033​